Monday, 2 October 2017

Science World Edmonton


Visiting Edmonton with the family then Science World Edmonton is a great thing to plan. The kids had a blast and its fun to play. We did the year family pass because after 2 trips its like going for free. plus the pass gets you a discount for the Imax and the gift shop! A must is taking random pretend zero gravity pictures in the space station section haha! You can just see Zola walking in an catching on HAHA!

Another gem...Zola taking a fake space poop. She thought was hilarious...
We seen an Imax showing of the mysteries of China. Zola seen a commercial and was all excited to see a film about the terracotta warriors. Lady in the top is scoping my camera flash and photo action...can you not watch my selfie happen haha

Thee end <3 good times were had...

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