Thursday, 17 July 2014

Brand spanking new

Here I go! Attempt # 2 at blogging. My first blog site I forgot about after only 3 posts haha I was sucked into maintaining my instagram and facebook pages so the blog was back burnered. This will be random glimpse into my world. I'm a mom, wife, entrepreneur and just a goofy girly. I have three kids. Nahlin is 12, Zola is almost 5, and Mahikan is 1. My husband Sean and I have recently packed our family up and left our beloved BC Canada to move to Yellowknife NWT. Sean has had his commercial helicopter license for a couple of years now. Hes wanted to be a pilot since he was a little kid. We decided to go for it and follow his dream at the same time as following mine of being a entrepreneur with my cosmetics line Kamamak. It might get tough starting a career from step 1 with a family and a new home city....but we will make it all work! (picture is from our April 2014 trip to the grand canyon!)

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