Monday, 28 July 2014

Dinner in the smoky heat

 I didn't expect summer in Yellowknife to be so warm! I mean the temperature has been between 25-29 degrees (around 77-84 fahrenheit) which isn't blistering hot....but its the sticky muggy gross kind of heat. Pair that with all the forest fires blazing around here with the awful smoke and it seems soooooooooooooooo much hotter outside and inside. There is a fire 30 km away from Yellowknife burning an area 20,000 hectares in size. The city has been covered in a hazy blanket causing our position on the air quality scale to be a +10 on a scale from 1-10! On top of that the power has been going out for periods almost every day. This means no fans running. Its been tough trying to keep windows closed and kids in side most of the time. Our home is like a gross sauna right now until late at night. So if anyone has ideas on how to cool a muggy hot home without AC send them my way!! I did decide to take the little ones to the park on Saturday and we ended up totally smoked out. It got so much stronger after we went out doors. I even woke up with a sore throat this morning. I feel so bad for my poor babies. What is there to do to make the day more comfortable or fun?! maybe sit in front of an open fridge? haha Even my picture above looks hazed and muggy. So our dinners have been easy and haven't involved cooking anything. Tonights food was delish! If your in Canada and love olives like me then you have to find this tapenade. It's an olive, feta and sun dried tomato tapenade made by Larosa and says made in Vancouver BC....yummmmmmmmy my new addiction. In my books feta make everything better so I love the big chunks in the olives. We had platters with salami, sliced ring sausage, gouda cheese, light cheddar cheese, spinach, light cheese spread, Olive feta and sundried tomato tapenade, sliced multi-grain baguette and lastly multi-grain wheat thin crackers. My favortite combo was the baguette with tangy cheese spread, olive tapenade, spinach and finished with salami.
 Thank god for the swimming pool here for a cool dip and break from the smoke. Another plus is its been free swimming all week ;) Right now I feel like camping on the deck outside because its so nice to have the bit of fresher breeze at night....I dread the inescapable heat and air tomorrow.

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