Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Pink Pirate Birthday party

For my daughter Zola's 5th birthday this year we did an oh so girly pink pirate theme. This was one of my favorite parties I've planned! I'm a sucker for pink...and skulls. The colors were shades of baby pink, candy pink, black, silver, and gold. I was sad when I finally seen the pictures on the memory card that my husband took. I was busy finishing the cake so he was given the job of photographer. There isn't that many of the party or decorations. There isn't any that show the details well. There was non at all of all the decorating above and on the dessert table :( I actually took on too much and saved it all till the last minute to put it all together. I don't usually do the cake. For this party I did and it took soooo long. I didn't start decorating until the day myself with the baby so there was a whole bunch that didn't even go up.The party time was 1:30-4:30 pm so we just have finger foods and snacks. The goody bags were pink skulls that had black and white candy necklaces and bracelets.

food table sign I made in Microsoft publisher
white cake batter tinted pink!
Pink chocolate skulls I made! loved these
goodies...there was pink candy shaped like shells (they were a puffy strawberry cream candy) pink foil covered cookies and cream chocolate eggs, pink chocolate skulls.
A variety of puff pastry horderves, chocolate drizzled macroons, and white cheddar rice crackers.
Pink lemonade served in pink cups. Fruit and berry salad served in baby pink and white paper bowls with baby pink spoons.
Birthday Girl <3 Pink pearl hair ties, black shirt with bubble sleeves, pink and black tutu topped off with a pink rhinestone skull necklace.
After Christmas last year I bought these long strands of pearls, pink and silver glittery ribbon, matching pink ball ornaments (they came in a big box with mixed shiny diamond patterned and ones covered in pink glitter) for 70% off! The pink tulle pouf curtain I made by hand from wire, ribbon, and tulle.
Pink flower treasure chest was filled with gems, tiaras, necklaces, pearls, and a gold trophy. We had black and white skull balloons kicking around...they played a pin the X on the treasure Jake and the pirates game.
Pink xmas ribbon, ball ornaments and pearls.
Pirate Baby
Made her cake from scratch. It was a white cake that I tinted pink with buttercream and covered in fondant. My first  time ever touching fondant icing. The cake turned out OK. I did the pink ship in about 30 min total...during the party haha! It was a rice crispy treat base covered in fondant icing.

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